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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Elder Law, Estate Planning & Probate articles

The ABA General Practice Division held its popular program Elder Law, Estate Planning & Probate- New ideas to expand & excel your practice at the ABA Annual Meeting in Chicago on August 1, 2009.
Speakers: Jay Foonberg, Esq. - Author of Best Sellers "How to
Start and Build a Law Practice" and "How to get and keep good clients', Beverly Hills, CA

Kenneth A. Vercammen, Esq. - co-author "Nuts & Bolts of Elder Law", Edison, NJ

Deborah Cole, Chicago, Il

Articles and forms were provided on CD. Below is a list of articles provided. If you want a few of the forms, send an email to and indicate which articles/ forms you want and the number of the article or form [max 5]

List of Kenneth Vercammen, Esq. Forms, Documents and Articles on CD
Elder Law, Estate Planning & Probate- New ideas to expand & excel your practice
Sat. August 1, 2009 2:00pm -3:30pm
Hyatt Regency Hotel, Chicago ABA Annual Meeting

1 New Client schedule appointment
2 Confidential Will Questionnaire
3 Will bill
5. Doctor Cert sign POA, will Dr
6 Thank you for Referral
8 Will Signing Instruction
9 Referral Out Another Atty fax
10 No rep
11 Recommend Will to Client
12 Post WILL
13 Client questionnaire end case.
14 POA Grantor Now
15 Wills article
16 POA Power of Attorney- article
18 Gay and Lesbians- Advance Directives
19 Letter of Instruction
20 Remove Executor
21 Alzheimer, POA Guardianship
22 ANSWERS to Questions Probate
23 Estate Planning 10 Ideas
24 Executor Duties
25 Prenuptial Ag
26 Undue Influence article
27 Attorney- Client Confidentiality
28 Pick up Docs
29 Executor to Pay and Notify Creditor
30 NJlaws website & articles
31 Trusts
32 Caveat to Will
33 Central Jersey Elder articles
34 ABA Estate Plan Winter 2008
35 Estate Plan ABA Nov 2007
36 ABA ELDER News Aug 2007 GP
37ABA ELDER LAW COMMITTEE Newsletter July 2007 ABA General Practice
38 Estate Probate ABA news May. 2007
39 Elder Law ABA news February, 2007
41 If no Will
42 Probate Release Refund Bond
43 Lincoln 17- no charge
44 Guardianship bill
46 WILL - sign front notary
47Confidentiality Lt to Client
48 Elective Share of Spouse
49 Joint Bank Accounts Upon Death
50 ABA ELDER News Spring2008
51 ABA Elder Law Newsletter • April 2008
52 ABA GP Solo ELDER LAW COMMITTEE Newsletter July , 2008
53 ABA ELDER News Fall 2008
54 ABA ELDER News Winter 2009
55 ABA ELDER News Spring 2009
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